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About us

Committed to changing the world through

Re|Aligning, Re|Programming & Re|Connecting to Re|Pattern.

Shawn Healey


Shawn Healey been a Pilates and Fitness movement practitioner, a business owner, an industry educator and a business consultant for over 25 years. Like many business owners, his career started with a passion... to help people feel better in their bodies and live better lives.

Working with thousands of people over the last 25 years, it’s been reinforced over and over the need for assistance in both direction and tools for the elimination of pain, and development of happiness and purpose in clients lives. His objective is to help you create your optimal life, both physically and mentally, and has spent his entire career studying the adaptation processes of the body and mind. Shawn creates change in his clients through the utilization of modern concepts in neuroscience, movement and adaptation techniques, and fascial Re|Patterning and integration.

Through his specialized approach, Shawn and his company Dragon KOI Coaching will give you what you need to obtain a happy and healthy approach to your mind, body and spirit. Contact Shawn today to start your change process.

Hayley Healey


Hayley Healey is an industry veteran with over 25 years as an innovator in neuromuscular Re-Patterning methods to achieve measurable and effective change in her client’s daily activities and lives. She incorporates her Structural Alignment Assessment™ and her Body Landmark Method™ with Pilates, CoreAlign and other therapy modalities to facilitate Re-Alignment, Re-Connection and Re-Programming to heal your body mind connection, while progressing movement toward optimal health and wellness. She is the author of the book, Re-Pattern; The Body Landmark Method™, a guide to take ownership of your path to self-healing.

Hayley also teaches her method in teacher training courses to instructors around the world. Her education methods for client programming come from a expertise and calling for connecting structural alignment with efficiency of functional movement, resulting in measurable and effective change in activities and lives. Hayley is an industry presenter and her coursework is approved through the Pilates Method Alliance for continuing education credits.

Re|Align ♦ Re|Program ♦ Re|Connect ♦ Re|Pattern

Re|Patterning Practitioners

Over 50 combined years of body and mind Re|Patterning to help their clients to achieve their best mental, physical and spiritual selves.

Dedicated Educators

Industry and public educators to perpetuate health and wellness in efforts to share and expand Re|Patterning knowledge.

Optimal Health Innovators

Utilization of Re|Patterning passion and expertise to innovate and evolve the abilities of those who they come in contact with to find optimal health and wellness.

Our studio is designed to create an optimal movement, fascial and mind Re|Patterning Experience.

Our approach is so you can have an optimal future with your body, mind and spirit.


client hours

Over the last 25 years, Shawn and Hayley have had over 50,000 client contact hours in the individual and group setting.

years of experience

Shawn and Hayley have over 50 years of combined experience in the health, fitness and wellness industry, which have lead to their Re|Patterning techniques.