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The Re|Pattern Studio


Body Re|Patterning

Reduce pain, increase function and feel better in your body through neuromuscular Re|Patterning.

Neurologically Re|Pattern your body back to feeling great and functioning optimally.

Using Pilates and CoreAlign, as well as other movement modalities, we will Re|Organize, Re|Align and Re|Connect your body: Re|Patterning you back into your whole self.

  • Feel good in your body.
  • Neurologically Re|Pattern your body.
  • Find your optimal health.

Fascial Re|Patterning

The Fascial system may just be the missing link between movement, function and pain elimination. Let us Re|Pattern yours today!

Remove restrictions that stretch through your body. Replenish the gliding system it should be.

Fascia is a system that incorporates into every structure in your body, all the way down to the cellular level. By rehydrating and repatterning this integral system your body will feel, function and perform better.

  • Decrease or even eliminate pain
  • Feel great in your body
  • Re-hydrate and release Fascial restrictions

Mind Re|Patterning

Use the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy® to create the future that you want.

Using the power of the unconscious mind and neurological Re|Patterning, anything is possible.

Many of us struggle with negative emotions and limiting beliefs, which ultimately cause anxieties, phobias and limit our potential. Using our unique approach to Neurological Re|Patterning, the future that you want can be achieved.

  • Eliminate negative emotions and limiting beliefs.
  • Eliminate phobias and fears.
  • Create your optimal future.