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The Book


A neuromuscular re-patterning guide for healing and loving your mindful body, spirit & journey


"I was looking for an alternative to prescribed spine surgery. I had used acupuncture, medication, physical therapy, all with limited success. The Body Landmark Method™ fit with my confidence that the body is organic, that all systems, bones, muscles, nerves etc. work together, and I have some control in making that more efficient and pain free. The ability to “self correct” during painful episodes has improved my strength and stability. When I correct my postural position the pain lessons, my balance Is recovered and I can do more."

~Jennifer Epperson

Hayley Healey is the innovator of The Body Landmark Method™ of Neuromuscular Re-Patterning and self healing, which perpetuates consistent, positive change in people’s daily physical activities and emotional state of living. Her method for teaching is rooted in guiding people towards connecting and aligning the mind, body and emotional spirit through her Body Landmark Method™ and Structural Alignment Assessment™ systems.

Hayley believes that everything physical, psychological and spiritual shows up in your body. When our bones move habitually in a misalignment pattern, the muscles that move the bones, the soft tissue and fascial system that supports the joint action become imbalanced. Through these imbalances, the force on the joints cause us to move through a path of least resistance, creating wear and tear, restrictions on the joint, and fascial tissue. This further creates muscle guarding, fascial restrictive tightness, posture imbalances, and accumulated stress on the whole system. Eventually the stresses of these repetitive and dysfunctional movements cause our joints to become fixed, unstable, inflamed, arthritic, painful and dissociated from your whole being.

Mechanical and emotional alignment breakdown during common and daily repetitive movement patterns will create further compensatory patterns, fascial restrictions, pain, injury and arthritis. These patterns can further effect the quality of our lives by supporting an environment that can perpetuate a sedentary lifestyle, premature aging, depression, disconnection, and a negative state of mind.

Ignoring, numbing, and dissociating from painful body parts become a habitual state of living. Compensatory movement patterns become the normal standard, in turn creating weak segments and restrictive communication of your cells in your body. Most importantly, this daily habitual patterning perpetuates a disconnection of ones body parts, as if they no longer belong to the whole being. Pain does not just warn and protect us, but it has the potential to unify our body, mind, and your souls spirit if we begin to listen within it, acknowledge it, let it be and then let it go, to Un-Pattern and Re-Pattern it!

What people are saying about Re|Pattern


Since beginning the Body Landmark Method™ Re-Patterning process, I have been literally pain-free, feel stronger than ever, and no longer need to rely on traditional medical therapy.

Linda Watkins

♦ ♦ ♦

I have control of my lower back pain, better balance, alignment of my body, mind, and spirit. The Body Landmark method™ has made a positive influence on all aspects of my life.

Denise Williams

♦ ♦ ♦

The Body Landmark Method™ is the basis for healthy movement, by addressing the whole-body, The alignment patterns are set in my brain telling my body how to stand, sit and walk.

Susan Stein

♦ ♦ ♦

The Body Landmark Method™ lasts longer than an adjustment, massage, or bodywork treatment because it can be applied consistently.

Meghan Kincheloe

♦ ♦ ♦

The Body Landmark method™ is a system for organizing and optimizing body movement, a very effective tool for orthopedic issues. Had I known of this method prior to my 5-shoulder surgeries, I may have been able to avoid them altogether.

Dan Bresnan

♦ ♦ ♦

This method gave me the access to make transformative changes in my body & mind patterns. The pain, discomfort and limitations shifted, and my confidence and outlook improved.

Camille Cox