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June 12, 2018
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Jump Start Package



The Structural Alignment Assessment allows you to become aware of where and why your body has developed misalignments, imbalances, compensations and injuries. We will establish the path to Re-Pattern and heal your body to optimal alignment, balance, and to be pain free. This is a 75 minute private appointment.

♦  Become aware of the 5-movement segments of your body and where your weak segments are causing you imbalances and pain.

♦  See how your daily movement pattern imbalances create misalignments of your joints causing wear and tear, pain and continual body compensations.

♦  Learn how these dysfunctional movement patterns, stress points, injuries and misalignments will cause fascial restrictions, joints that become fixed, unstable, inflamed, arthritic and painful.

♦  Discover the path to Re-Pattern your body’s weak segments, fascial trstrictions, chronic pain areas, injuries and compensation patterns through a framework of the Body Landmark Method

♦  Calculate your efficiency of movement through your Structural Alignment Assessment.

♦  Create a balanced Re-Patterning movement plan that perpetuate efficiency, safety and better results for your body and mind.

Once we have completed the Alignment Assessment, an additional two 55-minutes sessions will be scheduled to start the re-patterning process based on the results of the Alignment Assessment.


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